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About aim. “a purpose or intention; a desired outcome.”

Welcome, and hello! My name is Mia. Aim is a discussion place for those who are looking to quit single-use plastic and want some moral support or ideas.

I lived in South East Asia for 3.5 years and this was the tipping point for me. I saw plastic pollution litter rivers, rainforests and the ocean, yet at the same time was making more plastic waste than ever before. Enough was enough. I had to do something. To try to make changes and inspire others to join in. I despise unnecessary waste and overpackaging. I decided that I didn’t want to contribute any more than I needed to an increasing environmental crisis.

On the other hand, stepping away from plastic is extremely hard. In contrast to many inspirational blogs out there, detailing how they’ve 100% quit all waste and are living earthly, “Zero Waste” lifestyles, I offer an honest commentary. I am an urban girl trying to do my best while making the transition.

I aim to be single use plastic free, however, realise there are habitual moments where I simply mess up, areeas where there’s difficult choices or times when things in the universe go wrong. And, I wanted to share these experiences in an open space and encourage you to share yours. We are all trying to do our bit, and while I have an insane amount of respect for the Mason jar warriors, I also do for people who keep it real. For those who favour science and not just emotive claims.

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