Is it safe for dogs to chew on plastic bottles? - Mia Hadrill
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Dog plastic bottle

Is it safe for dogs to chew on plastic bottles?

Dogs love to play with plastic bottles. Canines enjoy hearing the crunching sound plastic makes between their teeth. But is this free toy safe for dogs?

Plastic can cause a dog to choke. If the cap or ring of a plastic bottle is ingested or gets stuck in the mouth or throat, it could create a life-threatening emergency or at worse fatality.

A bottle without the cap is also a risk since jaw work on the plastic bottle could easily tear into dangerous shards. Thiswhich could hurt the mouth, throat, stomach intestines or rectum. If a piece is ingested, an intestinal blockage would require surgery and could even be fatal. Furthermore, the sharp edges can cut a dog’s gums and mouth.

In conclusion, please don’t leave a dog unattended with a plastic water bottle. If in the unfortunate event your dog does happen to swallow plastic, K9 of Mine provides some great advice.

Monkey plastic bottles

In my travels, I have seen wild monkeys and dogs play with plastic litter. When disposing of our plastic, we can all try to be more mindful about the animals we share our planet with, and the possible harm plastic waste can create. 

Do you have any experience with dogs and plastic bottles? Share in the comments below.

Mia Hadrill
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