plastic free shampoo and conditioner bars by Bar None

How to use a plastic free shampoo and conditioner bar

Are you ready to try a plastic free shampoo and conditioner bar? Although plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles are usually recyclable, 56% of British people do not recycle their personal care containers. There are a couple of reasons for that. Part of it is laziness – people don’t want to rinse the bottles out. The other issue is the confusion as to what is recyclable and what isn’t. Squeeze tubes and pumps, for example, are often not easily recyclable with standard recycling.

That doesn’t mean we should ignore it. The global cosmetics industry produces 120 billion units of packaging every year. Of those, few are recyclable in typical residential recycling programs. 

Enter the plastic free shampoo and conditioner bar

Ready for the solution? Switch to a plastic free shampoo and conditioner bar. These bars work just as well as the bottled kind you’re used to. Instead of pumping or squeezing the product out of the container, you have direct access to the product in bar form. 

How to use a shampoo or conditioner bar

To use shampoo bars, wet the bar and rub it in your hands until you get a lather, then scrub into your hair as usual. Conditioner bars can be rubbed directly on the hair, using your hands to help work the product off the bar and into your hair. To store the bars, be sure to keep away from water. They need to have drainage and airflow, so a soap holder with a drainage tray is ideal.  When stored properly, the bars will last a very long time! I recommend something like this one, which also comes with soap saver bags. I also have a blog on awesome self draining soap dishes if you’re looking for more care tip recommendations.

plastic free shampoo and conditioner bars by Bar None

Shampoo and conditioner bars work just as well as the bottled version. When shopping for your bars, be sure to keep an eye on their packaging. You don’t want to defeat the purpose by purchasing a bar that comes wrapped in plastic packaging.

*This blog may contain affiliate links to plastic free shampoo and conditioner bars which means I make a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you. See the disclosure policy for more information.

Top shampoo and conditioner bars

Here are some shampoo and conditioner bars that have been recommended to me as tried and tested by the Aim Plastic Free community.

Green Tea, Eucalyptus & Peppermint Shampoo Bar – sustainably made by a family run business. This shampoo bar has added poppy seed oil in to relieve those with irritated scalps and dandruff. The green tea and eucalyptus stimulate healthy new hair growth while the mint will help condition the scalp. 

Foamie Aloe shampoo bar – this bar includes aloe vera to provide intense hydration and help fight breakage for damaged, dry hair. These bars are also vegan and cruelty free. 

Foamie Coconut Conditioner Bar for Normal Hair – coconut for strong, supple hair and additional shine. Your hair will be left with the exotic scent of coconut all day long, thanks to thier cold-pressed formulation.

plastic free shampoo and conditioner bar by friendly

Friendly Lavender and Geranium shampoo bar – ethically made, environmentally minded and packed with essential oils. The packaging is both recycled and recyclable. This bar gives you a creamy cleanse so that your hair doesn’t feel stripped and dry.

Ethique Guardian conditioner bar – leaves hair feeling deeply hydrated. This bar is ideal for dry or frizzy hair. Leaves hair feeling smooth and soft, and the formula is nice and lightweight. 

plastic free shampoo and conditioner by Beauty and the Bees

Beauty and the Bees Tasmanian Real Beer conditioner bar – contains natural waxes and oils which are environmentally safe and assists with moisturizing and detangling. This product comes in a cute tin, as well!

plastic free shampoo and conditioner bar none

Bar None hydrating conditioner bar – I’ve used Bar None products personally and really enjoy them! This bar minimizes frizz, adds shine, and is great for long or short hair.

Have you used a bar shampoo or conditioner? Drop your recommendations in the comments below! If you’re looking to make more plastic free swaps, try making this DIY multipurpose cleaner to replace your bathroom cleaners. 

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