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Plastic Free Makeup Brands to have you looking great while doing good

As you continue on your plastic free journey, you’ll begin to run out of products and need to search for more conscious alternatives. Lucky for us, there are plenty of sustainable and plastic free makeup brands on the market today. So whether you prefer a full face of makeup or if you’re more of a mascara and brows kind of person, there’s a plastic free makeup brand out there for you.

Plastic free makeup options

plastic free mineral makeup

Plastic Free Foundation

Yvana Beauty: All Yvana foundations come in aluminium jars and ship in recycled and sustainable kraft paper envelopes. They offer both mineral-free and mineral foundations, as well as cream foundations. The products are vegan, cruelty-free, and natural. Plus, they have tons of positive reviews.

Bee You Organics: This foundation comes in an aluminium container. It’s mineral-based, vegan, and cruelty-free. Plus, each foundation comes in a cotton muslin bag that you can reuse for other purposes, like a bath bag to hold soap bars or as a coffee filter. 

ZAO refillable foundation and powder. The colour matches well and also despite being a paste, doesn’t sit in the creases. It’s free from talc and parabens. Once the stick is used up, you can refill it and avoid more packaging. 

plastic free makeup concealer


Yvana Beauty: This concealer has tons of rave reviews and comes in aluminum packaging, with minimal plastic in the shipping process. 

Elate Cosmetics: Elate’s concealer comes in a bamboo tub with an aluminum insert that contains the product itself. When you hit the pan, you can simply order a refill pan. When you’re completely done with the product, just compost the bamboo and recycle the aluminum!

plastic free blusher

Plastic Free Blush

Eco Roots: This blush stick comes in a cardboard tube that is compostable. The blush sticks are organic, cruelty-free, and vegan. 

Be You Organics: These blushes come in an aluminum tub and are vegan, organic, gluten-free, and natural.

plastic free makeup eyeliner

Plastic Free Eyeliner 

Elate Cosmetics: This liquid eyeliner comes in a bamboo tube which you can compost once you’ve used it all. It does have an inner plastic tube, which you’ll need to separate from the bamboo and recycle. 

Dirty Hippy Cosmetics: This eyeliner comes in a glass tube with a bamboo applicator. It’s made with castor and jojoba oil, so it moisturizes and glides easily. When you’re done, send the glass tube back to the company for reuse!

plastic free mascara


Dirty Hippy Cosmetics: Mineral mascara in a glass tube with a separate bamboo wand. They offer both lengthening and volumizing formulas!

Clean Faced Cosmetics: This brand offers mascara in both a metal tub or glass tube. Both come with a bamboo wand. The tub option also comes with an eyeliner wand, so you can use it as an eyeliner as well. 

plastic free eyeshadow

Plastic Free Eye Shadow

Elate Cosmetics: This eye shadow palette is bamboo and has magnetic holders for the aluminium wells of eyeshadow, so you can purchase refills for each colour as you please. You can use it forever, or compost the bamboo when done. Don’t forget to recycle the aluminium pan!

Dirty Hippy Cosmetics: These eye shadows are mineral-based and natural, with no harmful fillers. They come in an aluminium tub with plastic-free shipping. 

Clean Faced Cosmetics: This brand offers several gorgeous eye shadows, all delivered in an aluminium tub. The eye shadows are all vegan, cruelty-free, and naturally coloured. 

brow brush


Dirty Hippy Cosmetics: This brand offers brow powders in aluminium pots which you can then return to the company via their closed-loop recycling program.

makeup for lips

Plastic Free Lipstick

Axiology: This lipstick brand is mostly organic, all vegan, and includes just 10 ingredients or less. Their lipsticks are made in aluminium tubes and their Balmies line is lipstick crayons which are actually zero waste. You can use the Balmies on lips, cheeks, and eyes. 

Yvana Beauty: This lip tint comes in aluminum pots and is super pigmented with tons of awesome reviews

Elate Cosmetics: This lipstick comes in a bamboo tube with a thin plastic lining inside. When you’ve used the product up, you can compost the bamboo tube and recycle the plastic liner. The lipstick is super pigmented and moisturizing.

Do you have any plastic free makeup favourites? Comment the brands below.

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