Plastic piling up as pollution

10 shocking facts about plastic pollution

Looking for some motivation on your plastic free journey? If you need to be reminded why it’s so important to avoid single use plastic, you’re in the right spot. Here are 10 shocking facts about plastic pollution that will make you happy to bring your

avoid plastic cutlery by packing your own knife, fork or chopsticks

How to avoid plastic cutlery

It might seem like a harmless, small bit of plastic, but plastic cutlery is really hard to recycle. They are made from plastic #6, which is notoriously difficult to recycle. Additionally, they are small, so they often fall through recycling machinery. If they don’t fall, their

Time to decline plastic bags

Why it’s time to decline plastic bags

Have you ever received unnecessary plastic bags before? A staggering 160,000 plastic bags are used globally every second. It's vital to form a habit to actively decline plastic bags. Otherwise, even if you have a reusable bag with you, you might end up with a

Make your own milk

Make your own vegan milk

Milk and juice cartons are typically made of both paper and plastic. Though they are primarily paper, they have a thin layer of polyethene on their exterior. These cartons can be recycled with plastic, metal, and glass containers. When the containers arrive at the recycling facility, workers

Day 28: DIY Juice

Smoothies and juices can be a great way to include a wider range of fruit and vegetables into your diet.  Have fun creating your own recipes for this part of the Aim Plastic Free challenge and let me know your favourite combination in the comment section