melons in food safe plastic

Food Safe Plastic: An Oxymoron or a Viable Option?

Have you ever gone shopping and seen a reusable water bottle or food container labeled as “food safe plastic”? Since the mass production of plastic in the early 1900s, plastic food packaging, containers, utensils, and bottles have become commonplace. However, recent studies suggest that plastic can

urban composting ideas

Urban Composting Made Easy – Step By Step

Did you know that 30% of what we throw away could actually be composted? Instead, it ends up in a landfill where it creates methane, which is a greenhouse gas. If you’ve been thinking of incorporating urban composting into your life, now is a better

beeswax as a plastic wrap alternative

5 Plastic Wrap Alternatives

It’s no surprise at this point that plastic is bad for humans and for the environment - and this includes plastic wrap, otherwise known as cling film. With so many plastic wrap alternatives on the market today, it’s simple to swap out the conventional type

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