Try a local farmers market

The farmers market is a hotspot for foodies who want to know more about where their food is really coming from. Local farmers set up pop-up stalls to sell their home grown or raised produce. The types of products tend to be distinct to the region, such as seasonal fruits, juices, jams, vegetables, meat, dairy, and other produce. Many markets also sell some ready to eat local delicacies, such as baked goods.

Here are 10 reasons why you should visit a farmers market

Avoid excess plastic packaging 

A farmers market is a great place to shop plastic free. Bring your reusable bags and head home without creating piles of single use plastic trash. 

Good for the environment 

Food typically travels halfway around the world before it reaches the shelf of your grocery store. Shopping from a nearby farm means avoiding lengthy travel energy and food fuel emissions required to otherwise ship or fly in food. 

The beauty of the scenery

There’s something charming about shopping outdoors, especially on a sunny day. Compare the picturesque tents and buzzing atmosphere of the farmers market to the bright, synthetic lights and blaring advertisements found in supermarkets; you’ll be sure to find farmers markets a more pleasant place to pause for a moment. It feels much more like an immersive experience.

Supporting local business 

Spend your pennies on the local economy and culinary traditions of the country. In some cases, the pop-up stall is a low barrier entry point for beginner farmers to try out what works and test their market. 

Fresh seasonal vegetables and produce

Get it fresh. The farmers may have picked the vegetables on display at the farmers market in the last 24 hours. Compare that to the fresh produce found at the grocery store, which is often picked and stored before it hits the shelves – from one week to nine months, depending on the type. Getting in tune with nature by eating seasonal vegetables has a host of nutritional benefits.  

Taste the difference of organic 

Farmers markets increase access to fresh, nutritious, organic food. Conventional food production requires a lot of environmentally unfriendly, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. These can be avoided by shopping organic. This benefits both you and the environment.

Get fresh air

Shopping outside is not only enjoyable and scenic but also great for getting some fresh air and exercise. The more fresh air you breathe in, the happier and more energised you’ll feel while going about your shopping.

Connect with your community 

The farmers market is a great place to hang out. Whether it’s a date or meeting up with friends, there’s a cheery vibe and lots to look at and sample. Many markets offer a section for socialising, where you can get a hot drink or a local alcoholic beverage. 

Talk to the farmers and know where your food comes from

The farmers will be happy to share advice on the best way to boil, cook, or steam your new produce. Just ask  and they will give you a wealth of advice surrounding recipes, shelf life, and the best way to store your food. 

Support the farmer 100%

When you buy from a supermarket, many parties are involved in negotiating the lowest price, meaning the farmer will get a smaller percentage. When you buy directly from the farmer, they’ll receive 100% of the profit for their hard agricultural work. 

For what reasons do you like to visit your local farmer’s market? Let me know in the comment section below. 

Mia Hadrill
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