Make a bin liner out of newspaper

How to make a bin liner out of newspaper

It’s very easy to make a bin liner out of newspaper. Follow these eight simple steps and you will never need a plastic bag liner again.

Step 1: Lay four sheets of paper down flat and position in a square

Step 2: Fold one corner to make a triangle

Make a bin liner out of newspaper

Step 3: Fold the bottom right corner to the middle of the left side of the triangle

Make a bin liner out of newspaper

Step 4: Fold the other corner down, so it makes a square. The creases of the square shape will help to mark the outline of where to fold to

Step 5: Unfold the newspaper back to the original triangle, then take the top right corner and fold to meet the bottom left square crease corner

Step 6: Repeat with the other corner to meet the crease on the other side

Step 7: Split the layers at the top of the newspaper bin liner and fold down towards the bottom

Step 8: Open up the middle and you’ve made yourself a DIY bin liner out of old newspaper

Hopefully, you’re now inspired to get started yourself. If you’re still a bit confused, take a look at this quick video by a sweet, six-year-old showing us how easy it is or check out this version.

Using old newspaper, which would otherwise be chucked out, is good for the environment and will save you on purchasing bin liners. The repurposed newspaper liners are great for compost, waste paper and miniature household bins. It takes a little bit of practice at first, but once you’ve got the hang of it, there’s no looking back.

Got the repurposing bug? Find more ideas on how to repurpose general household items in this post.

How did your newspaper bin liner go? Let me know in the comment section below!

Mia Hadrill
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