Make your own milk

Make your own vegan milk

Milk and juice cartons are typically made of both paper and plastic. Though they are primarily paper, they have a thin layer of polyethene on their exterior. These cartons can be recycled with plastic, metal, and glass containers. When the containers arrive at the recycling facility, workers separate them from the rest of the recycling in order to properly recycle them. To recycle these containers, be sure to leave the lid on and do not crush them, as that makes it harder for the employees to spot them amidst the other recycling. 

Making your own vegan milk is better than recycling

With that being said, it isn’t a long term answer. Not all recycling facilities have the equipment needed to recycle these items. On average, in the UK about 45% of waste created is recycled. That means that more than half of the waste we create is thrown into landfills. It’s important to cut down wherever we can on creating waste. 

How to make your own vegan milk

Making your own milk is an easy, simple step toward cutting down on your waste. The process of making your own oat or nut milk is actually easy and inexpensive. Start by purchasing oats or nuts from a bulk store or finding them in paper packaging. For a complete guide on shopping at the bulk store, check out my blog here. You can find plastic free nuts available for shipping online, like this site

Next, you’ll need a cheesecloth or something similar. If you don’t have cheesecloth lying around, look around your home for alternatives before going out to purchase one. You can use a clean pair of old tights, a really fine mesh strainer, or even a coffee filter. Tights or a cheesecloth will provide the best results, as they will catch even the really small particles. 

Finally, you’re ready to make your own milk! For oat milk, you will need about one cup of oats for three to four cups of water. I like this recipe from Minimalist Baker. For almond milk, you need one cup of almonds per every five cups of milk. Minimalist Baker has a great recipe for this milk as well. You can also add dates, vanilla, and salt to deepen the flavour.

Equipment to use to make your own vegan milk

If that sounds like more work than you’re willing to do, I get it! Luckily, there are some great products on the market to help you make vegan milk at home. The Almond Cow makes it easy to make milk of all kinds at home without the cheesecloth and mess. They also ship oats and nuts to you, plastic free. 

Try a local milkman

If cooking at home is just not for you, there are still better options than the conventional carton at the store. Try ordering from the local milkman – some will deliver in a glass container that can be returned and reused, creating a closed-loop cycle. 

What’s your favourite kind of vegan milk? When I buy it at the store, I love to buy Oatly by Milk and More. Leave a comment below and let me know your favourite!

Mia Hadrill
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