Day 21: Repurposing common household items

Repurposing common household items is when you find a new use for a product at the end of its life. Repurposing is fantastic as it avoids contributing to the tons of accumulated worldwide garbage.

Here are some examples of items that I have repurposed around my flat since moving back to the UK.

Repurposing a coffee jar into a storage pot for reusable bamboo pads

Repurposing a jar lid into a candle holder

The flower candle burnt out its inner part, so I put another candle inside it. The old jar lid protects the candle from harming the surface it is on.

Repurposing a bottle cap to keep the soap from getting soggy

Repurposing an old bottle cap to add to a bar soap is a great way to keep your soap from turning into a soggy mush. The subtle elevation gives it the air it needs.

Repurposing an old jar for storage

Repurposing an old cleaning bottle into an empty one to add DIY recipes

Once you’re through with your old cleaning products, keep the empty containers and refill them with safer ingredients. If you’re interested to learn how to make your own cleaner, take a look at this step by step guide.

Repurposing an old shampoo bottle into one to hold washing up liquid

An old shampoo bottle is a great dispenser for anything liquid. Take it to the refill store and see what lotions and potions you can use. Mine is filled with washing up liquid.

Repurposing an old desert pot into a soap dish

Repurposing an old towel into washable, reusable wipes

Repurposing an old towel or fabric into reusable wipes means you will never need to spend any money on plastic sponges or cleaning cloths again. For full details on how to do this, take a look at this blog.

This short list is only a few ideas that I’ve implemented in my new flat. I’ve been living abroad for five years, and only just started to live in the UK again three months ago. I find repurposing common household items a great solution while I am figuring out what I need, or if repurposing works well, what I don’t need!

Feeling inspired here’s 100 ways for repurposing items. Otherwise, let me know your thoughts on great repurposing ideas in the comment section below.

Mia Hadrill
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