Alternative to Plastic Straw Options: My Top Seven Picks

Searching for alternative to plastic straw options? Straws caught a lot of flack a few years ago when an image of a turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its nostril went viral. Although the movement received some criticism for focusing on a small issue in the massive world of plastic pollution, it’s still an important first step. 

Bringing your own straw can save hundreds and even thousands of plastic straws each year – and it’s a great place to start on your plastic free journey! Here are my favourite alternatives.

Mia Hadrill drinking juice with a metal straw

Best alternative to plastic straw options

bring your own glass straw
  1. Glass straws

These glass straws are my favorite for home use. Since they’re glass, they do require a bit of extra care but they are super comfortable to drink from! Plus, they’re wide enough for boba and smoothies.

bring your own metal straw
  1. Metal straws

Metal straws are another common alternative to plastic straw. With metal straws, you can find a lot of fun patterns and colors – I love the look of these!

bring your own metal straw with silicone tip
  1. Metal straws with silicone tip

Some people hate the feeling of a metal straw clanking against their teeth. There’s a simple solution: a silicone tip. These flexible tips feel super comfortable against the teeth and make for a great drinking experience.

bring your own bamboo straw
  1. Bamboo straws

Bamboo is an excellent alternative material, as it’s biodegradable. These are finished, so the straw is smooth and comfortable to drink from. They’re also really cute.

bring your own collapsable travel straw
  1. Collapsible travel straw

It’s important to keep a straw with you at all times for when you have beverages while out of the house. This is where most people use plastic straws. This collapsible metal straw is super compact, fits perfectly in your pocket, and has a silicone tip.

bring your own travel straw set
  1. Travel straw set

If you have the space, this travel straw set is awesome to keep with you on the go. It comes with 2 full-size metal straws and a straw cleaner, so you can share with a pal and clean them while you’re out. The cloth cases are even made from salvaged material that would otherwise go to waste. Win-win!

bring your own gem stone straw
  1. Gemstone glass straws

These glass straws have built-in gemstones, so when you drink using the straw you get gemstone-infused water! Each gemstone has properties that can benefit you. I can’t personally vouch for it and am a bit sceptical, but this seller has tons of excellent reviews and gemstone knowledge on her page. Explore the topic further if you’re interested.

Have you tried any of these alternatives to plastic straw options? Leave a comment below and let me know what your preference is! For more plastic free drink inspiration, check out my blog on plastic free kettles.

I hope you’ve found this blog helpful! As always, you can support me and the site by buying me a cup of tea or sharing the site with a friend. Your support means the world to me!

Mia Hadrill
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