pregnant woman

Plastic Free Baby Changing Station Ideas and Equipment

Greetings plastic free darlings! This is my first time here, so I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Mia’s friend Mel (as seen in the blog post ‘Secondhand Shopping in Berlin‘). A bit about me- I live in Berlin, I’m an Aim Plastic Free enthusiast, and...
plastic free toilet paper by who gives a crap

Plastic free toilet paper everything you need to know

Let’s talk about plastic free toilet paper! I don’t know about you, but I’m fed up with seeing shelve upon shelves of toilet paper covered in plastic packaging. It’s not like it has to remain fresh or will go off! I can only imagine it...
trash by the side of the ocean

How does trash get in the ocean?

You’ve probably heard of the garbage patches floating in the ocean. In fact, there are about 4.7 to 12.8 million metric tonnes of plastic floating in our oceans right now. To put that into perspective, that’s the equivalent of dumping an entire garbage truck worth of plastic...
clean your bathroom with vinegar and bicarb

How to clean your bathroom using vinegar and bicarb

Let’s get your bathroom sparkling clean without reaching for excessive levels of plastic products. There’s no need to waste your money or cupboard space when it is easy to clean your bathroom using vinegar and bicarb. For this old school tried and tested method, all...
homemade DIY cream cleaner

How to create a homemade DIY cream cleaner

Let’s get going with a three ingredient, super simple, homemade DIY cream cleaner recipe that you can whip up in just 5 minutes! This incredible zingy, DIY clean creamer will tackle your bathtub scum and leave the taps sparkling clean. *This blog may contain affiliate...
eco washing tip is to hang clothes up with cloths pegs to air dry

Eco washing tips, tools and tricks

When it comes to washing your clothes in an eco friendly way, there are a few things to consider. First, there’s energy and water consumption. Then, there are the chemicals in the products we use, plus the plastic containers they come in. Finally, there’s the...
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