plastic free kitchen brush

Plastic Free Kitchen benefits

Have you considered the positive impact of having a plastic free kitchen? When you stop and take stock of just how much plastic is in your kitchen, it’s quite shocking. From food containers, plates, bowls, utensils, and straws to things like cling film and sandwich...
beeswax as a plastic wrap alternative

5 Plastic Wrap Alternatives

It’s no surprise at this point that plastic is bad for humans and for the environment – and this includes plastic wrap, otherwise known as cling film. With so many plastic wrap alternatives on the market today, it’s simple to swap out the conventional type...
plastic free period options

How to Have a Plastic Free Period

In our modern world, a plastic free period is totally possible and easy. In fact, many people say that they prefer plastic free period products to conventional ones. For me, certainly there’s no going back. Why switch to plastic free period products? Have you considered how...
avoid plastic cutlery by packing your own knife, fork or chopsticks

How to avoid plastic cutlery

It might seem like a harmless, small bit of plastic, but plastic cutlery is really hard to recycle. They are made from plastic #6, which is notoriously difficult to recycle. Additionally, they are small, so they often fall through recycling machinery. If they don’t fall, their...
Time to decline plastic bags

Why it’s time to decline plastic bags

Have you ever received unnecessary plastic bags before? A staggering 160,000 plastic bags are used globally every second. It’s vital to form a habit to actively decline plastic bags. Otherwise, even if you have a reusable bag with you, you might end up with a...
Loose leaf and plastic free tea bags

Avoid plastic in tea bags by drinking loose leaf tea

When you put the kettle on, you’re likely thinking about the delicious, warm beverage you’re about to consume. You’re probably not thinking about the plastic in tea bags. It is estimated that 96% of tea bags contain plastic, those that do are about 25% plastic. In fact,...
lemon and vinegar cleaning spray

How to make a multipurpose lemon and vinegar cleaning spray

Would you like a cleaning product that is natural, safe and non-toxic? If so, these instructions are for you. Discover how to make a cleaning product with effective antimicrobial activity, meaning the mixture will destroy most germs and bacteria, and sparkle power. These easy instructions...
Plastic free drink cup

Day 26: Try a Plastic Free Coffee Cup

In the UK alone, seven million disposable coffee cups are used every single day. That adds up to two and a half billion disposable coffee cups thrown away after a single use, every year. Half a million are littered every day.

Try a local farmers market

The farmers market is a hotspot for foodies who want to know more about where their food is really coming from. Local farmers set up pop-up stalls to sell their home grown or raised produce. The types of products tend to be distinct to the region,...

Day 21: Repurposing common household items

Repurposing common household items is when you find a new use for a product at the end of its life. Repurposing is fantastic as it avoids contributing to the tons of accumulated worldwide garbage. Here are some examples of items that I have repurposed around...
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