Have you got two minutes? Of course, you have. - Mia Hadrill
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No more plastic book

Have you got two minutes? Of course, you have.

‘No More Plastic’ by Martin Dorey details how we can all step away from the screen, get outside and gift two minutes. The Two Minute Beach Clean highlights how every piece of litter removed counts. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you do two minutes or twenty. Every item of marine plastic removed from the beach is a piece that can no longer go on to cause harm to the environment or kill our wildlife.

Having tried it, it’s incredible how much you can collect in two minutes and how undaunting gifting two minutes is. As the author of Two Minute Beach Clean says:

Have you got two minutes? Of course, you have. Go outside to your nearest beach, street, local park or open space. Set the timer on your phone to two minutes and pick up litter until the buzzer goes off. How much did you collect? Surprised?

The whole book is packed with simple tips of what we can immediately start doing to make a difference.

The whole book is packed with simple tips highlighting how we can start making a difference immediately.

Here’s a list of things you can do to help make a change:

  • Do a plastic audit. Look around and see how much plastic prevails in your day-to-day life.
  • Give up items, such as plastic bottles, straws, crisps, cotton buds, plastic bags or wet wipes. Use sustainable alternatives where possible.
  • Open your kitchen draw and take out a fork. Now go put that fork in your work bag. Use it.
  • Use your purchasing power to buy products that come with less plastic packaging.
  • Become familiar with the recycling processes of your local vicinity. Ask questions at the recycling plant and your local MP or leader.
  • Replace all items with “not currently recyclable” items with alternative options.
  • Invest in a quality safety razor. Say bye-bye to disposables.
  • Visit your nearest package free supermarket.
  • Research various plastic free, beauty products and try them.
  • Have a party without dangerous waste — no more balloons and glitter.
  • Gift reusables to yourself and those around you, depending on your favourite things to drink or munch on.

straw pinto lunch box

Would you gift two minutes? Let me know in the comments below.

Mia Hadrill

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