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Plastic Free Shoes You Need To Know About

It’s time to put a plastic free spring into your step with plastic free shoes!

We’re constantly looking for new ways to reduce our plastic use. Recent years have highlighted how damaging plastic pollution is to our planet.  If we want to save our planet, protect our oceans, and keep our ecosystems, reducing our plastic consumption is imperative.

Stopping using plastic bags and switching to a reusable water bottle is one thing, but what about the plastic in other parts of our lives? The majority of us are wearing plastic daily and not even realising it. Over 47% of the footwear around the globe uses synthetic plastics and rubbers. Every time we buy a new pair of shoes or throw an old one out, we’re contributing to plastic pollution.

To help you reduce your plastic usage, we’re sharing three plastic free shoes to add to your wardrobe.

WAES Plastic Free Shoes

WAES pride itself on being the worlds “first zero plastic footwear company”. WAES shoes are all plastic free, biodegradable, and made from all-natural materials.

This brand isn’t just about selling sustainability for profit; their eco-friendly ethos and ethical practices are company-wide. 

This sustainability brand goes above and beyond, working in partnership with SeeTrees, a reforestation and forest protection nonprofit. WAES also works with Surfers Against Sewage, another marine conservation charity. 

WAES is leading the way in sustainable footwear and isn’t compromising on style whilst they do it. Specialising in plastic free trainers, WAES has several collections of trendy trainers, all in unique colours and the highest quality. 92% of customer reviews give WAES plastic free, sustainable footwear five stars!

plastic free shoes

Nature Footwear: Anna- Pinatex

The Pinatex creators exhibit the dedication and innovation to ethical manufacturing that we desperately need to see across industries. This eco-friendly brand was born from a desire to discover an alternative to the damaging and unethical leather goods manufacturing industry. Pinatex creates leather from waste pineapple leaf fibre.

Using their sustainable leather, Pinatex has collaborated with Nature Footwear to create a plastic free shoe. Nature Footwear stocks several styles of sustainable shoes, however, we believe their Pinatex collaboration tops them all. Not only is the Anna shoe plastic free, but the use of agricultural waste contributes to a circular economy. The Pinatex X Nature Footwear collaboration uses raw materials, extending the life cycle of these materials and ensuring as little waste as possible is produced.

plastic free shoes


From the fashion capital of the world, Cémélé is proving Paris knows what they’re doing when it comes to sustainability. This Parisian footwear brand makes plastic free, vegan shoes from plant-based, biodegradable materials. 

We’ve seen brands successfully manufacture plastic free sneakers, but what if you prefer a different style? Cémélé has you covered. Not only is Cémélé kind to the planet, but their products add to your wardrobe too. Made from a mixture of organic cotton and natural rubber, the Cémélé brand encourages us to be eco friendly but never compromise on style. Be warned, this Parisian boutique manufactures on small runs, so if you want to grab a pair of their latest and greatest sustainable shoes, you’ll need to be quick!

Who says sustainability can’t be stylish and practical? These three plastic free shoe styles are paving the way for a more sustainable footwear industry. Whether you’re a sneakers fan or prefer something slightly more ornate, one of these brands is guaranteed to be your perfect fit. Next time your favourite pair of shoes are on their way out, invest in one of these sustainable brands instead.

If you love sustainable clothing and are looking for more ways to be conscious with your fashion check out my blog ethical shoes here!

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Mia Hadrill
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