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Self care Sunday: How to enjoy a moment of self love

Are you feeling emptier than usual, like you’re burning the candle at both ends or running on low battery? If so, it’s time to schedule a relaxation session where you pamper yourself, and, most importantly, refuel for the days ahead. To discover the art of self care Sunday, we’re speaking to Cadie Piecuch, a Canadian lifestyle blogger, who focuses on Health, Wellness & Sustainable Living.

Cadie’s inspiration comes from her home on Vancouver Island, where she’s surrounded by an abundance of nature, great trails, ocean, local farms and markets, and some of the world’s most charming wildlife. Cadie’s stunning visuals and motivational messages make you want to rush outside into nature, and as the founder of Coconut Moon calming milk, which is all about taking a moment to enjoy a relaxing bath, Cadie is the perfect person to guide us on how to make self care Sunday part of our weekly routine.

Hello Cadie, why did you embark on a mission to look after your physical and mental wellbeing?

My health journey started as a young teen, after a lot of upset tummies and a bunch of testing, I found I was intolerant to lactose, gluten and processed foods – and that was the start of my ever evolving lifestyle change! 

My goal is to inspire others to live mindfully and enjoy the journey along the way. With just a little bit of extra thought, I am a firm believer that we can all easily lead a healthy life and have a happy, healthy home – with lots and lots of plants!

self care Sunday bath session with coconut moon

In a world of constant stimulation, why is it important to unwind and reset on a Sunday?

Self Care Sunday is the perfect day to reflect and reset for the week ahead! Like a lot of people, I too, am currently working Monday – Friday *hoping this will change in the near future* but by Friday, I’m naturally exhausted. Everybody, from my full timers to part timers, should always take the time to practice self care! And self care doesn’t necessarily always mean face masks and baths. It can sometimes be as simple as a walk alone in nature. Or turning off your phone and enjoying some time completely undisturbed. There are many ways to practice self care. You just have to find out what works best for you! And what better day than Sunday, so that you can feel ready and prepared for the week ahead! 

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What are your top tips for setting the mood for a relaxing bath pampering session?

As I mentioned above, a lot of people’s definition of self care can vary – and mine can too, depending on my needs, but one thing is for sure is that I love a good hot bath! It forces me to calm right down! I have a ritual that I like to stick to whenever it comes to relaxing tub time:

First, I start by filling my tub with water. Then I mix in my favourite bathtub goodies, such as Epsom salts, essential oils, flowers and Coconut Moon coconut milk bath. Next is my bamboo bath tray – a must if you’re an avid bather like me- and pop on some soothing items, like a good book, a candle, a plant, a towel if you need to dry your hands and a big glass of water! * it is super important to remember to hydrate in the tub*. Lastly, I set the mood, with some relaxing spa music, turn on my Himalayan salt lamp, light my candle, turn off the lights and hop in!

What plastic free bathing products do you recommend, why and how should they be used?

So many! A lot of my favourite bathing items can be made plastic free, as well as everyday essentials such as shampoo & conditioner bars, body soap bars etc. Simply just by putting in a little extra effort, the impact will pay off big time! Another great thing to look for if you have one nearby is a refill shop! They come in super handy whenever you need things like laundry soap, dish soap and pretty much anything else that needs a top up! Another great item is a bamboo hairbrush – believe it or not, bamboo is much better for hair health, as it helps to distribute hairs natural oils from root to tip, but it also helps lessen frizz from happening!

self care nature walks with naturally Cadie

How much time do you recommend setting aside for self care?

I have always believed that self care is the first step to helping the world become a better place. As the old saying goes “before helping others, you must help yourself”, so I think it’s vital that we all try to incorporate self care in our routine, as frequently as we can. Try starting with just one day a week, and then try adding in more time slots – even an hour or two here and there and see how your schedule allows to freely accept self care into a regular daily routine. 


Thank you, Naturally Cadie for going into detail on how to bring self care into the home on a Sunday or on any day of the week. I hope you feel as inspired as I do to take some ‘me time’ to reset and recharge. It’s so important to gain new energy and headspace. 

How about you, what’s your self care routine?  Leave a comment below and let me know your favourite way to unwind?

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