trash audit

Top 3 binned plastic items

Let's talk trash The world is drowning in ever-growing mounds of garbage. According to the Everyday Plastic report, people in the UK throw away around 295 billion plastic pieces every year. The Environmental Protection Agency found that the average American throws away 2kg of garbage a

rubbish bin audit

Conduct a trash audit

Let's get down and dirty A trash audit is when we take the time to look at our rubbish, to understand what we most commonly throw away. After committing, step one is being aware of what we need to change to go plastic free. It's a

Make a commitment

Thank you for including reducing plastic as part of your New Year's determination. Plastic pollution ends up in the ground, in the air, and in the sea - where it is at risk of animals and marine life ingesting it. Plastic takes hundreds of years to disappear.

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