bamboo swab

Day 18: Swap Plastic Swabs for Bamboo Swabs

A small, yet important swap you can make is to start using bamboo swabs instead of plastic swabs. These single use products may seem inconsequential, but their impact adds up. An unimaginable 1.5 million disposable swabs are produced every single day. When you consider all the resources

reusable net and cotton bags

Day 14: Reusable shopping bags

A sturdy, reusable bag for shopping or running errands is essential to avoid single use plastic bags. Especially as five trillion plastic bags are used each year. On average, a plastic bag is used for about 12 minutes before it is discarded. Less than one

sigg reusable water bottle

Use a reusable water bottle

At least a million plastic bottles are used every minute. According to Euromonitor International's global packaging trends report, the number is expected to increase to 583.3 billion this year. The majority of plastic bottles end up in landfills or the ocean. Plastic bottles and caps are

Reusable masks mask elephant conservation

Day 10: Reusable Masks

Photo of reusable masks by The Elephant Temple who donate 10% of sales to help elephants affected by the global pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic has created an environmental problem that would have seemed unlikely just a year ago--severe ocean pollution caused single-use surgical masks and gloves.  According

natural fibres plastic bag dress plastic clothing

Day 9: Choose natural fibres

We’ve all been there: whether you’re bombarded with ads for clothing sales on social media, or you pass by a sale rack at the store, the temptation is real. It’s hard to turn away from that instant gratification - but it’s important to. According to

paper receipts

Decline paper receipts

Paper receipts contain nasty chemicals, classified by the EU as toxic to humans and the environment. There's something else hidden, you guessed it, plastic. Making receipts yet another, more unknown, environmental disaster.  Plastic in paper receipts Receipts cannot be recycled. In the past, I would innocently place

ethical and sustainable activewear

Day 7: Ethical and sustainable activewear

*This post contains affiliate links With the New Year, often comes new fitness and health workout goals. If you find yourself needing some new clothes or equipment, it’s worth adding ethical and sustainable activewear to the criteria. Depending on your exercise of choice, you may be

Day 6: Plastic packaged fruit and vegetables

Plastic packaged fruit and vegetables Fruit and vegetables are washable and if they have a skin or something to peel off, already have their own, compostable, wrapping designed by nature. Let's use our purchasing power as consumers to avoid where possible plastic packaged fruit and vegetables. The

unwanted gifts presents items clothing

Day: 4 Unwanted items or presents

Your trash my treasure  The holiday season is a beautiful time for giving and receiving. Within the more commercial, obligatory side of gifting presents for the sake of it, present giving can also add to quite a lot of plastic waste.  Over half of all adults receive

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