Day 28: DIY Juice

Smoothies and juices can be a great way to include a wider range of fruit and vegetables into your diet.  Have fun creating your own recipes for this part of the Aim Plastic Free challenge and let me know your favourite combination in the comment section

plastic free soap

Day 27: Swap to Bar Soap

It’s common knowledge that washing your hands is important for your health - but have you ever stopped to think about the soap you’re using? Is it liquid soap in a plastic bottle with a pump, or is it a plastic free soap, like a

Try a local farmers market

The farmers market is a hotspot for foodies who want to know more about where their food is really coming from. Local farmers set up pop-up stalls to sell their home grown or raised produce. The types of products tend to be distinct to the region,

paperless mail plastic free

Switch to Paperless Mail

Have you considered making the switch to paperless mail yet? There’s no need to be bombarded with junk mail that you don’t have any use for. In fact, it’s just creating more waste.  Why make the switch? There are two types of mail: the kind you actually

pick up trash litter plogging

Day 19: Plogging Pick Up Trash

One way to see an immediate result of your sustainability efforts is to go outside and pick up a piece of trash. Otherwise known as plogging, you’ll get immediate satisfaction from today’s challenge.  What is plogging? Plogging originated in Sweden. The name itself is a combination of

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