plastic free period options

How to Have a Plastic Free Period

In our modern world, a plastic free period is totally possible and easy. In fact, many people say that they prefer plastic free period products to conventional ones. For me, certainly there's no going back. Why switch to plastic free period products? Have you considered how much plastic

paperless mail plastic free

Switch to Paperless Mail

Have you considered making the switch to paperless mail yet? There’s no need to be bombarded with junk mail that you don’t have any use for. In fact, it’s just creating more waste.  Why make the switch? There are two types of mail: the kind you actually

bamboo swab

Day 18: Swap Plastic Swabs for Bamboo Swabs

A small, yet important swap you can make is to start using bamboo swabs instead of plastic swabs. These single use products may seem inconsequential, but their impact adds up. An unimaginable 1.5 million disposable swabs are produced every single day. When you consider all the resources

Day 6: Plastic packaged fruit and vegetables

Plastic packaged fruit and vegetables Fruit and vegetables are washable and if they have a skin or something to peel off, already have their own, compostable, wrapping designed by nature. Let's use our purchasing power as consumers to avoid where possible plastic packaged fruit and vegetables. The

DIY washcloth dish cloth sponge

Create a dishcloth

Kitchen or cleaning plastic sponges seem harmless, but they actually contain microplastics. They're made from materials like polyester and nylon which are non-recyclable. While we use the sponges, they shed microplastics, which fall off into our sinks and then flow into our sea. Microplastics make

trash audit

Top 3 binned plastic items

Let's talk trash The world is drowning in ever-growing mounds of garbage. According to the Everyday Plastic report, people in the UK throw away around 295 billion plastic pieces every year. The Environmental Protection Agency found that the average American throws away 2kg of garbage a

Make a commitment

Thank you for including reducing plastic as part of your New Year's determination. Plastic pollution ends up in the ground, in the air, and in the sea - where it is at risk of animals and marine life ingesting it. Plastic takes hundreds of years to disappear.

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